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About Me

At its core, I enjoy making art. Having a background in design, drawing and painting, photography was always something that interested me. I began experimenting with digital photography in early 2011, and before I knew it, I fell in love with it.

I see taking a photograph as the first step in creating a piece of art. But it’s not just about that. It’s about having a natural eye behind the camera. It’s about knowing the light, the location, the subject. These are the things I’m still learning about, and it brings me great joy to do so.

Whether it’s photographing a family or capturing a bee perched on a flower’s petal, I strive to seize the moment and tell a story with each photograph.  This website should provide a good general idea of what I do. I hope you enjoy the photos and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Vladislav Borimsky
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